Let me take a #Selfie: An analysis of how cycling should respond to the increasing threats posed by exuberant spectators?

Matt Howes


The nature of road cycling raises a number of specific challenges for organisers, particularly in relation to the close proximity between the riders and spectators during the race. Indeed, in many events, supporters are allowed to mass on the side of the road without any barriers or stewards to stop incidents. However, while this proximity can be highly positive and generates atmosphere and engagement with the sport, it also makes it difficult to ensure the safety of both riders and spectators. This paper will examine this spectator/rider relationship and discuss how reckless behaviour (by both parties) has led to an increased number of incidents, injuries and near-misses. The article will also examine the implications of the recent craze of spectator "selfies" as the riders are coming towards them.

Keywords: Cycling, Event Management, Risk Management, Security, Selfie, Spectator

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