A Critical analysis of the 2011 Rugby World Cup


  • Di Nixon


The Rugby World Cup 2011 took place in New Zealand between 9th September and 24th October 2011. For rugby fans, the opening ceremony was a truly dazzling affair and was most certainly a world apart from the comparatively low-budget, inaugural tournament launched by the International Rugby Board (“IRB”) in 1987. This article will examine various significant aspects of the planning of the Rugby World Cup, the identification of risks associated with such an event and the control thereof both in the lead up to and during the event. In particular, the article will question whether the spectacle at Eden Park was a true reflection of how well the tournament had been planned or whether it was simply a lavish attempt to cover up cracks developing behind the scenes at the beginning of the tournament. The article will conclude by arguing that it is ultimately the identification, assessment and control of the risks affecting a major event which determines its success (or otherwise).






Articles: Event Management