A Review of the recommendations of the 'Report of the Sports Betting Integrity Panel' in assessing the progress towards tackling Match-fixing in Sport


  • Emma Lilley


Corruption, Gambling, Betting, Integrity, Match-Fixing, Questionnaire, WADA, Parry Report


A recent influx in match-fixing occurrences has led to a loss of faith in sports governing bodies regarding the prevention of (and response to) match-fixing. Ultimately this had led to the current state of ambiguous regulation and discipline, and uncertainty both over how the rules should be implemented and how athletes and officials should be sanctioned.

This paper analyses the recommendations posed by Rick Parry's “Report of the Sports Betting Integrity Panel 2002” and considers whether any of the conclusions of the 2002 report have been taken on board by the relevant bodies The paper also evaluates whether the absence of a national or global agency to govern match-fixing (for example like WADA - the World Anti-Doping Agency does within anti-doping) has compounded these difficulties, particularly in relation to understanding the policies and procedures surrounding this branch of corruption. The paper will finally conclude by evaluating whether match-fixing remains as prominent and as unregulated as ever or whether the issue can be excused by a lack of funding, priority or severity.






Articles: Commercial Regulation