Introducing Screencasts to Sport and Exercise Undergraduate Students Conducting Statistical Analysis: How Useful Are They Anyway?

Vicky Riley


Students 'expect to be able to access information on demand and arrive oncampuses ready to engage with information in new ways'.

Screencasting is increasingly being implemented into teaching at higher education.A screencast is a video recording of a computer screen including audio to explain what is happening on the screen.

Screencasts have found to be a useful tool for students, are beneficial to learning,and increase perceived understanding and student engagement. However little isknown about the impact of this pedagogical design on students’ confidence.

Sport and Exercise students are taught research methods at Level 5 throughcompletion of a workbook. At Level 6, dissertation support sessions are oftenrequired as students struggle to retain information and lack confidence when analysing data.

We hypothesized that screencasts may provide a reasonable solution to this problem.

Aim: To evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of supplementary screencastsdesigned to improve student’s confidence in conducting

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