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Photograph of Professor Michael Gunn

I believe that learning and teaching are at the very heart of the relationship with our students. We know that students want to be stimulated intellectually and assessed fairly and appropriately. Whether on campus, at home or in the workplace we know that students want to be excited by the course they have chosen to study and taught by professionals at or near the cutting edge of their field. Working in a learning partnership, we know that we also want to support the release of the students’ powers of independent thought, creativity and innovation. Innovation and knowledge exchange are at the heart of the University experience and central to the development of society.

I am delighted therefore that teaching experts in my university have seen the need and seized the opportunity to launch this ground-breaking journal. The main themes of the journal range from innovative pedagogy to new and improved approaches to Technology Supported Learning and other practitioner methods. It also aims to be a staff development tool supporting all those who wish to submit academic work for peer review and possible publication. Often underestimated, the importance of teaching and academic practice is at last, I hope, gradually gaining centre stage. The journal is a welcome and timely intervention.

The journal not only covers innovative practice but is also innovative in its content and delivery. It is an online publication attracting research papers from within the university across the UK and beyond. It is also the first academic journal to include reflective student cases studies and poster presentations with associated audio files.

Experts pushing at the boundaries of learning and teaching practice are the key to student satisfaction and success and to the future and sustained success of a University. This excellent journal is a fitting showcase for their work.

Professor Michael Gunn
Vice Chancellor, Staffordshire University (2011 - 2016)