Innovative Practice in Higher Education Style Template

Submissions to the Innovative Practice in Higher Education Journal should include:

  • An abstract (150 words) at the beginning of the paper and a set of key words that reflect the themes of the submitted work.
  • A disclosure statement at the end of the paper which includes:
    • That all materials included in the article represent the authors own work and anything cited or paraphrased within the text is included in the reference list.
    • That the work has not been previously published nor is it is being considered for publication elsewhere.
    • A declaration of any potential conflicts of interest which might have influenced the authors in reporting their findings completely and honestly, or a statement that no such conflicts exist.

Formatting details

Typeface: Tahoma
Justification: Left


Main Titles: Tahoma (16 point)
Subtitles: Tahoma (14 point)
Main Text: Tahoma (12 point) 1.5 line spacing.


Top – 2.54cm, Bottom – 2.54cm
Left – 3.17cm, Right – 3.17cm
Gutter – 0, Gutter position – left

Figures, tables and appendices

  • All figures and tables should be placed in their correct position within the main body of the text.
  • Where appropriate, appendices should be included at the end, after the reference list.


  • IPiHE currently uses a Harvard referencing system. For further details please use the following guide, produced by University of Sheffield:
  • We do not allow footnotes in IPiHE.
  • Indent extended quotes 1.5cm on left and right-hand side with a line space above and below the quote.