The usefulness of adopting eCoach for teaching career development

Uchitha Jayawickrama


Career development is an essential aspect for universitystudents which includes career planning (Stoeber et al.,2016).

eCoach is a popular web portal for career developmentwhich has latest career-related advice, tutorials, toolsand views from recruiters.

There are several technological tools available through eCoach (eCoach, 2014);

  • Career planning tool.
  • CV builder tool.
  • Interactive Elevator Pitch Builder tool.
  • Interview Simulator tool.

Limited research on career development and planningfor computing students; majority of literature representsthe career development in general or non-computingsectors (Jung, Y. & Takeuchi, N. 2016).

Therefore, this study aims at the effectiveness ofadopting eCoach for teaching career development forcomputing students.

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