The Case of the Crowded Sidewalks: Implementing and Assessing Problem-Based Learning in Higher Education

Vincent Genareo


This paper provides a scenario of Dr Picksie, an urban engineering instructor in an institute of higher education. Frustrated with the lack of student engagement and authentic, interactive, collaborative pedagogy, he tries Problem-Based Learning (PBL). By following steps of implementing and assessing PBL, he successfully leads his class through their first PBL case, The Case of the Crowded Sidewalks, and gives students the confidence and knowledge to continue more complex PBL problems throughout the semester. Although fictitious, the instructor in this scenario represents a compilation of concerns, successes, confusions and frustrations voiced by faculty and students in higher education through the authors’ professional development workshops, teaching, and research studies.

Keywords: Problem-Based Learning, PBL, instructional design, collaboration, problem solving, pedagogy

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