Reimagining reflective practice in the dance technique class

Rachel Rimmer


This paper investigates the potential to challenge pedagogical approaches that may reinforce a teacher-student hierarchy in the dance technique class. With the aim of creating more opportunities for dance technique students to engage with critical reflective thinking and develop their sense of autonomy, the researcher will share the findings of two pedagogical interventions. These interventions were conducted with first year dance technique students at a UK higher education institution. In an attempt to stimulate critical reflective thinking on both the students’ and teacher’s behalf, a range of student-centered learning and teaching approaches were explored. The implications of such approaches will be examined, and the responsibility and expectations of dance students will be considered. Furthermore, consideration will be given to the way in which such approaches might test the dance technique teacher’s own sense of responsibility, challenging them to test the boundaries of their authority. Constructivist educational perspectives and theories of critical reflective practice inform this research.

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