Vol 2, No 3

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Editorial Vol 2(3) DOC PDF
Kathryn McFarlane


Involving students in curriculum design: a research and statistics course designed by students for students DOC PDF
Anna Tsaroucha, Jason Randall
The Simpsons in Higher Education DOC PDF
Ian James Turner, Cristina Helen Plant
Stop with the FLO: using text messaging to improve retention rates in University Students DOC PDF
Elizabeth Boath, Richard Machin, Martin Dixon, Nigel Thomas, Phil O'Connell, Lisa Taylor

Short Papers

Reflecting on Einstein’s advice: a personal journey in creating an experiential approach to the development of undergraduate literature reviews DOC PDF
Paul Wiseman
Dipping One's Toes; The Innovative Use of VoiceThread in Higher Education DOC PDF
Louis Martin, Dave Tapp
‘5 Minutes With Matt’: The Innovative use of Micro Video Blogging in Higher Education DOC PDF
Matthew L Jones

Poster Presentations

Innovating: integrating technology into teaching and learning with Operating Department Practitioner students PPSX
Angela Woolliscroft
Video Animation for Learning PDF
Andrew Wood
Is technology hindering creativity? PDF
Jo Dawson
High Fidelity Simulation in Clinical Skills Teaching and its Impact on Student Engagement: A Facilitators Perspective PPSX M4A
Clare Martin-Jones

Book Reviews

Feedback in Higher and Professional Education: Understanding it and Doing it Well DOCX PDF
Stephen Merry
Writing Essays by Pictures DOCX PDF
Zhandra Belgasmi
Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning for Home and International Students DOCX PDF
Martin Partridge
Fostering Self-Efficacy in Higher Education DOCX PDF
Amy Burton
Higher Education for Sustainable Development DOC PDF
Kathryn McFarlane

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