Reimagining Assessment in the Era of Generative Artificial Intelligence: A reflection on legal education


  • Craig Smith University of Salford


Legal education, assessment, Essay, Artificial intelligence, Generative artificial intelligence


The legal profession and legal education are undergoing a transformation (Pierce and Goutos, 2023) due to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI (GenAI), marked by the advent of ChatGPT (Henrik, 2023). This has significant implications for legal education, particularly the undergraduate law degree (LLB), which traditionally serves as the first step in preparing future legal professionals.

As the legal profession adapts, legal education must evolve (Marjan Ajevski et al., 2023), requiring an evaluation of traditional assessment methods (Michel-Villarreal et al., 2023). Assessment plays a pivotal role in shaping the authentic identities of students and it is crucial that assessments align with the evolving demands of the profession graduates aim for.

Assessments which incorporate GenAI, encourage critical evaluation, reflection, and promote authentic discussions, this article explores an example which aims to inspire practitioners in higher education to reconsider their assessment practices and contemplate the integration of GenAI.