Flipping Failure: A case study on building resilience and confidence through 'Failureship Strategies' in theory and practice at the University of Salford


  • Davina Whitnall University of Salford
  • Ursula Hurley University of Salford


failure, confidence, resilience, refllection, transferable skills


This paper presents the Flipping Failure project, which aims to challenge the negative perception of failure and promote its benefits for building resilience, insight, and action. The project involved students and staff who participated in failure-focused events that explored different aspects of failure in various contexts. We discuss the theory and practice of flipping failure to present it more positively and provide a practical toolkit with resources to help others adopt failure as a transferable skill-set. In sharing the outcomes and insights of the project, and its further development at The Festival of Learning and Teaching, we suggest ways to enhance and extend this work in the future.