Harnessing the Power of Decontextualised Learning and Co-Creation in Immunology Education


  • Severina Peneva
  • Ross Davey
  • Sean Holm
  • Nigel Francis Cardiff University


decontextualised learning, co-creation, immunology education, Immunology wars, videos



This opinion piece explores the transformative potential of combining two pedagogical strategies in higher education to teach immunology. The power of decontextualised learning and co-creation, two approaches that have shown promise in enhancing student understanding and engagement, are explored. More specifically in the context of using these strategies in the development of Immunology Wars, an educational resource that uses the metaphor of the Star Wars movies to teach complex immunological concepts. Immunology Wars simplifies immunological concepts and makes them more relatable for students, thereby enhancing their understanding and making the learning process more enjoyable. Furthermore, the involvement of students as co-creators has educational benefits, including increased engagement, deeper understanding, and the development of valuable transferable skills. The research suggests that educators should embrace innovative approaches and incorporate them into their teaching practices to enrich the learning experience for students and inspire a new generation of learners.

Keywords: Decontextualised Learning, Co-Creation, Immunology Education, Immunology Wars, Videos






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