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  • Rachel Rimmer Manchester Metropolitan University


This article discusses the media through which I submitted work for a ‘Praxis’ project as part of my Masters degree in Contemporary Arts.

This MA course engages students within a framework of ‘practice as research’ whereby more significance is placed upon the process of art creation as opposed to product. Although ‘products’ such as performances, films or writing for example will inevitably form due to the nature of a creative process, as students and artists, we are encouraged to document our journey with the aim of offering insight and illumination for the viewer into our artistic process.

The term ‘praxis’ refers to a mode of research where the student engages with their work from two perspectives; from the inside, or subjective position of being the artist creating, and additionally from the outside, or objective position. When submitting work for assessment, we devise our own criteria outlining the way in which we would like tutors to assess our work, thus providing flexibility across the range of arts disciplines explored on the MA.






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