Workshop Reflection Sheet: Peer Assessment of Essay


  • Samantha Jenks Staffordshire University


hilst in the first semester of my undergraduate degree at Staffordshire
University, students were required to engage in a writing assignment titled
‘Discuss the Benefits of Sport’. After submission of an initial draft of 500 words
during our induction week, the question then formed the basis of one of four
modules (Research and Professional Development I) which I studied during the
first semester. In week 5, we were then required to submit an 800 word answer
to the same question as before and, at the same time, begin engaging in peer
assessment reviews over a three-week period on each others’ work. Peer
assessment involves students partaking in an assessment, where their work is
viewed and feedback is provided by other students (Miller, Imrie & Cox, 1998).
It is used to help students recognise levels needed to achieve results (Brown,
Race & Smith, 2002). Moreover, Cottrell (2008) suggests that one of the best
ways to learn is through new experiences, as it triggers a need for
understanding. As peer assessment was a new experience, I took the
opportunity to use it to my advantage. Throughout this essay, I shall take into
consideration how I felt during my first official experience of this innovative
practice, and asse






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