Creation of an Off-campus Domestic Program Assignment: A Reflective Account


  • Peggy M. Delmas University of South Alabama


authentic assessment, domestic off-campus programs, educational leadership, global education, study away


Study abroad is a well-known way to expose students to different cultures, but participation rates in the U.S. have remained troublingly low. This reflective account describes the creation of an authentic assessment for graduate students in a global education course in the form of an off-campus domestic program assignment as an accessible alternative to traditional study abroad. Benefits of the assignment include students’ use of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, writing, public speaking, and knowledge application, all skills which employers value. Further, students are introduced to domestic off-campus programs as a form of study away which may be more inclusive, affordable, and accessible than traditional study abroad programs. Guidance is provided for individuals wishing to construct a similar assessment, including activities and resources used to orient students to the subject, organizational details of the assignment, examples of student work, and suggestions for tailoring the assignment to undergraduates and different disciplines.