Kyndt, E., Donche, V., Trigwell, K. & Lindblom-Ylanne, S. (eds.) (2017) Higher Education Transitions: Theory and Research. London: Routledge.


  • Stephen Merry Visiting Research Fellow, Staffordshire University


This is a well organised treatise despite having more than forty contributors. A minor quibble is that the title might have been more specific because the content focus is students’ transitions, rather than those of staff or, indeed, whole higher education (HE) institutions. The book enriches previous publications on the topic by going beyond the institutional and social consequences of students failing to complete their courses or being unable to find employment after graduation. It provides a balanced educational overview of the topic in which empirical case studies reveal students’ emotions and behaviours during the transition process itself. The book is divided logically into three sections and so gives equal weighting to: a) transitions into HE; b) transitions within HE; and c) transitions from HE into the workplace. It is part of a series published in conjunction with the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction and so has a European focus. That being said, it does contain ideas applicable in other settings.






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