REBUS reading lists


  • Susan Chakraverty Staffordshire University


The Department of Business, Innovation and Skill (2016) state all higher education intuitions should not rest comfortably but that they should strive to embrace innovation and be open and diverse, matching excellence in teaching with excellent research and continuously strengthening the capacity for strategic thinking.

With strategic thinking in mind and continued motivation to provide a good learning environment when I discovered Rebus whilst studying for my PGCHPE I set about introducing this technological tool into my module.

Rebus provides a simple and intuitive interface where libraries control of the structure and hierarchy of reading lists (PTSF 2016).

It directs students with a single search to the reading material they need and once located the material can be re-sorted and filtered to make the information as easy as possible to work with (Johnson, 2016).

Hypertext links, illustrative sites, web articles and audiovisual material can all be loaded onto Rebus (Stokes and Martin, 2008).

An inbuilt report system will allow you to uncover high demand material so the library can supply additional resources to match that demand (PTSF, 2016).






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