Lecturers' experiences of using wikis to support student group work

Amy Burton


There is a growing expectation for providers of higher education to include digital technology within teaching and learning.

E-learning and virtual learning environments have a number of benefits for students:

  • improved student-student and student-teacher interaction
  • improved sharing and generation of tutor and student made materials
  • and enhanced teaching materials including media, sound, videos, and graphics.

In recent decades there has been a move away from traditional teacher-centred approaches which encourage learners to take a passive role in their education. One example is the increased use of small group teaching approaches requiring tutors to act as enablers and encourage independence and responsibility for learning and enhance personal growth in their students.

Group work enhances independent learning but can be challenging for students to co-ordinate. Elearning environments are a contemporary solution which can help students achieve group tasks by providing tools which can be accessed both on and off campus in a flexible way.

One e-learning tool which has been used to enhance small group tasks is the Wiki (a website developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content).

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