Using the Business Model Canvas to conceptualise the value proposition of heutagogical executive education.


  • David William Stoten Northumbria University


Heutagogy, Business Model Canvas, Executive Education, Business School


Executive education (EE) is being transformed but what direction will it take in the future? One possible trajectory is that to a personalised curriculum. In a world that is increasingly characterised by uncertainty and volatility, there is a need to develop adaptive capability in organisational decision-makers. Heutagogy offers a view of personalised learning that is centred on authentic learning in an occupational context. How Business Schools make the transition to heutagogy remains uncertain and problematic. Many Business Schools are wedded to traditional forms of curriculum design that centre on the transmission of knowledge to large cohorts of students rather than the promotion of individualised learning opportunities. How then can Business Schools think of ways in which to re-conceptualise a future that advocates personalised learning? The Business Model Canvas provides one way of conceptualising the heutagogic curriculum in an accessible manner. This paper provides an exemplar of how it could be applied. The conclusions proffered infer that the future of EE will be characterised by greater responsiveness to market demands that centre on accessibility, relevance and increased learner autonomy.