Effective approaches to teaching and learning in business distance education


  • Nishani Ekanayake University of Lincoln


online learning, active teaching and learning, student engagement, self-regulated theory


Active student and tutor engagement is key to successful teaching and learning. However, unlike face-to-face teaching and learning, online delivery in the distance education presents a unique challenge. This study presents effective teaching and learning strategies implemented in a UK based business school in their distantly delivered undergraduate program. The implemented strategies aimed to foster a higher level of student and tutor engagement through the design and delivery of the programme. Based on the self-regulated theory, the paper presents ‘inquiry-based learning’ approaches through the production of ‘inquiry-based learning materials’ and ‘research-based assessment’ strategies that supported students to become active and collaborative learners in distance education. The reflections through the implemented strategies contribute to the wider discourse of active teaching and learning methods and how a technologically enhanced learning environment may align with self-regulated learning. This paper contributes to a developing field of research related to the design and delivery of online courses in the pursuit of active student and tutor engagement in business higher education.






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