Reaching Out and Shouting Loud: Capturing best practice in learning and teaching scholarly practice at The University of Salford


  • Eve Blezard University of Salford
  • Jess Power University of Salford
  • Davina Whitnall University of Salford
  • Wendy Taylor University of Salford


pedagogical research, scholarship of teaching and learning, SoTL, practice-based learning, inclusive practice, digital age, pedagogical development


This paper presents a panoramic view of the Institution's engagement with learning, teaching, and scholarly activities, shedding light on the critical mass of knowledge and initiatives that define contributions to the field of pedagogy. Findings reveal a focus on practice-based learning, predominantly within Health and Society disciplines, reflecting Salford University’s commitment to enhancing student outcomes/experiences. The thematic analysis identifies primary themes, including L&T (Learning and Teaching) Practice, Learning Technologies, and Student Experience, aligned with the scholarship of L&T. Additionally, themes such as Inclusive Practice, Non-traditional/Alternative Teaching Approaches, and Knowledge Transfer signify the institution's dedication to collaboration and broader perspectives. A holistic approach to growth within pedagogical innovation and contribution to knowledge within higher education related to digitally enabled, societally focused, and inclusive learning communities is presented. While acknowledging limitations, we emphasise the significance of sharing and celebrating L&T outputs. As higher education evolves, collective efforts to transform pedagogy remain essential.