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Biology students' perceptions of learning from video exemplars of practical techniques: some lessons for teaching strategies DOC PDF
Stephen Merry, David Skingsley, Paul Mitchell, Paul Orsmond
Exploring 'academic depth' in Higher Education DOC PDF
Alke Gröppel-Wegener, Lesley Raven, Helen Bowstead, Katy Vigurs, Geoff Walton
Poster Presentations, Academic-lite! The LLB Experience DOC PDF
David Tapp, Louis Martin
Using a modified Delphi Method to develop a new advanced accreditation award (‘Triple A’) in money advice practice DOC PDF
Anna Tsaroucha, Elizabeth Boath, Emor Porteous, Anne Wright
Reimagining reflective practice in the dance technique class DOC PDF
Rachel Rimmer

Student Voices

Student reflective response to ‘Reimagining reflective practice in the dance technique class’ by Rachel Rimmer DOC PDF
Bryn Aled Owen

Poster Presentations

Evaluation Café - A review of literature concerning World Cafe methodology used as an evaluative tool in education PDF MP3
Martin Partridge
Seeing READ: An evaluation of the impact of colour coding on student engagement with feedback PDF PPT
Anne Wright
Lecturers' experiences of using wikis to support student group work PDF MP3
Amy Burton
Is Twitter an appropriate tool to enhance engagement in HE? PDF MP3
Juliette Frangos

Book Reviews

Harrison, A. and Hutton, L. (2014) Design for the Changing Educational Landscape DOC PDF
Kathryn McFarlane

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